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Shingle Roofing

Roof Replacement San Jose, CA

Wood shake removal and Plywood installation

Pleasant Hill, CA - Roof And Gutter Replacement

Pittsburgh, CA - Roof Replacement Composition Shingles

San Jose, CA - Shingle Roof

San Jose, CA - Roof Replacement Dimensional Shingle Installation

San Jose, CA - Roof Replacement

San Jose, CA - Roof Replacement

San Jose, CA - Tile Roof Evergreen

San Jose, CA - TPO With Shingles

San Jose, CA - TPO Roof Replacement & Tile Repair / Gutter Replacement / New Gutter & Tile Installation

San Jose, CA - Presidential Shingles Installation

Santa Clara, CA

Santa Clara, CA

Pleasant Hill, CA - Presidential Shingle Installation

Pleasant Hill, CA - Roof Replacement / New Roof Installation

Los Altos Hills, CA - Presidential Shingles Installation

Freedom, CA - Synthetic Wood Shingles Installation

Boulder Creek, CA - Dimensional Shingles Installation

Menlo Park, CA - 2 Piece Tile Roof

Menlo Park, CA - 2 Piece Tile Installation

San Ramon, CA - Presidential TL Installation

Santa Cruz, CA - Mixed Of Shingles & Metal Roof

Gilroy, CA - Tile Roof

Gilroy, CA - TPO With Shingle Installation

Gilroy, CA - TPO Roof And Shingles Installation

Aptos, CA - TPO Roof With Median Wood Shingle Siding

San Francisco, CA - In Progress Tapered Installation With TPO Roof System

Los Gatos, CA - Shingle Installation & SA Cap Sheet Roof System On Flat Roof

Salinas, CA - Roof Replacement Shingles And Gutter Installation

Metal Roofing

Capitola, CA

Capitola, CA - Corrugated Metal Roof

Santa Cruz, CA

San Rafael, CA - Curbed Panels Installation

Calistoga, CA - Four Seasons Resort - Standing Sim And Corrugated Metal Panels And Slate Roof Installation

Napa, CA - Standing Sim Metal Panels Installation

San Carlos, CA - Top And Metal Roof Installation

Siding Installation - Capitola, CA

Tile Roof Replacement And Also Used 3 Coats Paint On Tiles

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